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With the Complete Beginner's Guide To Model Trainsyou can get started in this wonderful hobby the right way … it’s perfect for the beginner though the truth is most “experts” don’t know half of what’s covered in this easy to read step by step comprehensive beginner manual.

You're About To Discover:

  • How to get started the right way, the first time! (Save money, know the questions to ask and specifically what you do and don't need)

  • How to save up to 60% on your new model trains and accessories! 

  • How to make your own layouts, scenery, mountains, model people, lakes, smoke and more! 

  • How to easily repair, maintain and correctly care for your model railroad.

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Finally. The tough questions answered…the jargon demystified… the complex tasks made simple, quick, cheap and painless…and all the resources and manufacturer contact information you need, right at your finger tips!

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From: Albert Williamson

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in Model Trains, whether you’re an expert or a complete novice, this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

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Wouldn’t it be great to know the EASY short cuts the veterans use? Not having to “reinvent” the wheel or struggle to find an answer to that one question? How would it feel to be able to design, build, repair and maintain the model train layout of your dreams quicker than you ever thought possible?

Just a few days from now you could be enjoying your very own; custom designed and built model train layout, complete with historical features, scenery… every last detail you’ve always wanted!

Did you hear that? A few days! Most model train enthusiasts struggle for weeks, months or years trying to learn enough to get started and to get their layout the way they want it.

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Of course, you don’t need any technical knowledge or special expensive equipment to get started or to do the advanced things we guide you through step by step….

…In fact, this guide will SAVE you a tonne of money as you won’t make the common, costly mistakes most people make. Plus you'll soon discover a little known supplier of everything model train related that has prices up to 60% below normal retail prices!

Would that be great or what?

That’s what this brand new book will give you the freedom to do.

And it’s not like any other book you’ve ever read on Model Trains.


Simple, every section in the book is there because “you asked for it”. Well, not “you” really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love model trains and want to be guided step by step through basic and advanced model train issues. A simple webpage was set up, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing question on model trains.

Then I answered them!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

You’ll discover all types of exciting tips. From how to create a model train layout from scratch… to what supplies you’ll need. From how to pick the RIGHT locomotive for you… to how to do some of the most advanced model train projects! (Like create your own scenery… trees… water… fire… smoke and more, through to advanced electronics...and even how to model from scratch a real life railroad!

You’ll Soon Discover:

  • How to quickly and easily get started in model trains (it truly is easier than you’d think!)
  • Why even a beginner can do “advanced” things like make your own trees, roads, smoke, mountains and streams! (that’s right, you don’t need to be a model train guru or spend much money)
  • What to look for when choosing a locomotive- avoid the costly and frustrating mistakes by getting this very important decision right, first time!
  • How to pick the right train layout for your child or for you if you are just staring out in Model Trains(the right layout will be loads of fun for years to come!)
  • How to build your layout… step by step instructions from the rough drawings through to completion! (Detailed instructions both for the complete novice and expert)
  • The only type of diesel locomotive you should ever invest in!
  • The 7 Steps to doing your own LDE project….how to find and model a “real life” full size railroad!
  • How to “try” before you buy your locomotive and exactly what to test for BEFORE you spend a cent!
  • The type of tire to avoid at ALL costs! They sound great but 9 times out of 10 they don’t work properly when you get them home!
  • What a normal model train layout includes, what different scale and abbreviations mean and which scale (size) is right for your individual situation!
  • What to look for when looking for cars- why a “hands on” inspection is best and exactly what to do to test them and how to select a winner!
  • Exactly what to consider when buying a power pack… get it tight to avoid frustration and expense later on!
  • Answers to those tough questions you’ve been struggling with!
  • How to make your “ready to run” cars in a kit look more realistic with simple tweaking!
  • Easy, simple ways to clean and care for your model train layout…without spending much money or damaging your model! (and how to easily keep trees and other scenery free from dust and cobwebs!
  • How to easily do advanced things like crossings gates!
  • How to quickly and easily repair minor problems yourself… save money and time!
  • A detailed easy to understand table demystifies all the most popular scales, gauges, boxcar length and more, and how they relate to “real” trains and what all the jargon means!
  • How a locomotive runs and why yours needs lots of the right type of wheel to run well!

Scenery Secrets Revealed!

  • The best way to make your own highways and roads, in a step by step easy to follow format! (Easily and quickly add realism and dramatic visual appeal to your model!)
  • How to make affordable, good looking trees! (Have a blast whilst giving your model a truly fantastic visual appeal!)
  • How to model water… from a still puddle to a rolling brook!
  • Making smoke for a fire scene! (and how to simulate flames!)
  • How to construct your own mountains… and how to color them so they look realistic!
  • Using cars and other ready made items… and what to do to ensure the style is consistent with the rest of your design!
  • The easiest way to do structures… and the way to quickly and easily give them an interesting patina of age and weathering… dramatically adding to the realism of the scene!

Getting On Track…How To Get Started Right!

  • Step by step, easy to follow actions to get your first (or ideal!) model train layout up and running in no time!
  • How do you build a realistic and functional layout just like you imagined it would be!
  • How to get a feel for the types of sets you can purchase and build for FREE.
  • Where you should never buy your model train sets… and where to go to go to find expert advice, all the top models and loads of accessories!
  • What area to put your layout in your home…  and the one place you simply must never put it!
  • The tools you absolutely have to have before you start! (They’re pretty cheap but VERY important… make sure you get it right to save time later!)
  • How to get really excited and stimulate your creativity of what you want to create.
  • The 5 things you must do when building your layout
  • Words of wisdom from a model railroader for over 10 years on what you should buy, regardless of your budget or experience level
  • The simple thing you should do which will secure your train and make it run a lot better!
  • A very important consideration to take into account when buying a locomotive (or rolling stock) for a child or if you’re just starting out in the world of model trains.
  • Cost considerations… the pros and cons of different qualities (and how to know you’re getting a good deal when you buy your model train supplies)
  • Establishing a budget… exactly what you need and how much to spend!
  • How to only get what you need to get started… save money, time and energy with the “leg work” so you can spend more time enjoying your new layout!
  • Which scale (size) to choose… HO or N? Get the right one for your house and tastes to get the most enjoyment from the space you have!
  • How to make it easier to fix mistakes and a simple yet very smart way to avoid being intimidated early on!
  • What to look for in a kit and who to speak to, to make sure the one you get is the best one for your needs!
  • The sure way to get immediate results and instant gratification!
  • The key to getting the most pleasure from the experience
  • Words of wisdom from a model train hobbyist for 30 years… how to make the whole design come together and what to do to make it more fun, realistic and rewarding!
  • A great way to learn more insider tricks and techniques and spend time with experienced railroaders in person!
  • The things you should never skimp on to get the most pleasure from this hobby, and what you can upgrade later!
  • The type of train layout that  will almost certainly be ideal for your situation
  • The most popular train layout manufacturers and their contact information… a great fast way to wet your appetite and see what’s out there for free!
  • Quickly master the jargon and understand the importance of “scale”, “track gauge”, “minimum radius” , “HO Scale” and other common terms with a comprehensive 2 page glossary and simple, easy to read explanations at every step from beginning to end.
  • Why the cheapest is not necessarily the best choice, even when you’re on a budget.
  • The pros and cons of short vs long locomotives
  • When to use a diesel over steam locomotive
  • Why the right motor weight is important to keeping things running smoothly!
  • The two items you absolutely must not skimp on unless you want a wimp of a locomotive that falls off the track and has problems.
  • Easy to understand explanations of what terms like “HOn2” and “S gauge narrow track” mean … understanding this allows you to have a more complex layout in the same space!
  • What Flywheels are and how to use them to slow down the initial rotation of the motor (making it much more realistic!) and guarantee a smoother stop when the electricity is turned off.
  • How to get in touch with your local model railroad club… make new friends and learn from their experiences!
  • The keys to look for when inspecting the wheels of your cars… get it wrong and they won’t sit on the rails correctly!

Creating A Layout…. Everything You Need To Know, Made Simple!

  • What to do first… and what to do to find material on the historical era you are planning to replicate
  • The second thing you must do… and how to bring your model to life with features… hills, valleys…rivers…meadows and mountains!
  • How to construct your own mountains… and how to color them so they look realistic!
  • Using cars and other ready made items… and what to do to ensure the style is consistent with the rest of your design!
  • The easiest way to do structures… and the way to quickly and easily give them an interesting patina of age and weathering… dramatically adding to the realism of the scene!
  • The small details you should pay attention to that dramatically adds to the enjoyment of your hobby and how good your railroad layout looks!
  • The third thing you must do… without it your layout will never be as good as it could be.

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Solutions To Common Problems!

  • How to quickly and easily repair minor problems yourself… save money and time!
  • When to use a professional repairman… how to find a good one, the 7 questions you MUST ask them before you hand over your money or your train!
  • A common mistake people make when choosing their tires… the one type to NEVER choose as in 9 times out of 10 they don’t work… avoid this problem up front!
  • Broken wheels…track not properly aligned…derailments…broken or stuck coupler… SOLVED!! Minor problems can now be fun as you’ll know what to do and how to do it!

Proper Care And Cleaning Made Simple!

  • Why you should clean your track
  • How to clean your track easily, safely, cheaply and fast!
  • What to beware of… use the wrong thing and you’ll scratch the rails!
  • A simple yet highly affective way of keeping the rails clean…. WITHOUT you having to touch them!
  • How to find an electrical short
  • How to avoid motor burnout! Something you should always do that will make it easy to determine any engine limitations.
  • What is a ‘module’ and when to use them…very useful if you intend to transport it at a later time or if you have limited space!
  • What to do when your engine sticks when it is fed current!
  • How often you should clean your tracks and a little known secret method that does it for you every day (so you only need to clean them occasionally!)
  • How to remove decals without removing the paint that is underneath! This ultra quick method works great!
  • The BEST wetting agent for N scale ballast… why you should NEVER use water and detergent and what to use instead!
  • How to move your model without damaging it!
  • A simple technique of knowing when you need to give the engine a rest or whether it’s fine to keep using it!
  • Special tricks to keeping a layout relatively free of dust and cobwebs! (Even the trees and buildings!) …How to keep your model looking its best for years to come!

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Power Packs (Transformers) And Throttle Secrets!

  • Exactly what to consider when buying a power pack… get it tight to avoid frustration and expense later on!
  • The advanced feature… momentum! How to simulate starting and stopping of a real train!
  • Starter set power pack limitations and the sort of engine you should not run with them… otherwise you might get a burn-out!
  • How many amps you should aim for per pack and what is the best choice for you.
  • The type of pack that has the advantage of giving better control at lower speeds, especially when the train starts up!
  • How the transformer works to change the speed of the train and how a circuit breaker provides protection.
  • Why your planned usage of your accessories must be considered when choosing one or more power packs…
  • How a ‘solid state’ pack works in bursts…. And how it achieves completely smooth acceleration.
  • The type of unit that makes it much easier to operate your train because you can actually follow it as it moves around the track, rather than standing in one spot and watching it!
  • If you have a lot of accessories…the exact minimum current you should get in a power pack to ensure you have all the power you need!
  • The added feature that lets you stop the train more quickly rather than allowing it to coast to a standstill.
  • Large power pack unit considerations… additional operating modes, pilot lights and meters, multiple terminals such as add on “walkaround throttle” and why they matter.

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Detailed Track “Know How”

  • Different track material options and which one is the best… use the wrong type and it can rust and requires a lot of cleaning…save time by getting it right, first time!
  • What a model railroad track consists of and what must happen for it to work properly
  • What you must pay attention to when working with sectional track if you want to avoid problems like derailment.
  • The trick to using curved track successfully.
  • When to use flexible track and why it helps bring your ideal layout to life.

Advanced Secrets Revealed!

  • How to lay roadbed/gravel for a garden railroad!
  • Layout Design Element (LDE) explained and why it works so well
  • The 7 Steps to doing your own LDE project….how to find and model a “real life” full size railroad! (Every thing you need to do from finding a modelable full size railroad.... your “prototype” and selecting the key features that matter through to designing and building your model!)
  • What to do so you can easily disassemble sections and put them together again if you need to move into a new room
  • The type of software all veterans use… utilizing technology to see exactly what’s needed for your track layout!
  • Using ‘easements’ to make it easier for your train to go around curves… and where in vertical curves they are absolutely critical.
  • How to ensure your model will be easy to maintain and operate… this step is EVEN more important than planning the track!
  • Something you must build into your design to accommodate any design modifications in the future, such as other features.
  • Two secrets that help you avoid hidden “S curves”… do this step and you’ll prevent those nasty derailing accidents that can occur when using less flexible steam locomotives and longer cars!
  • Keys to defining the layout space and things to factor in to stop future problems like people banging their heads on obstacles in the room
  • Special electrical considerations for a reverse loop… Find out exactly what you’ll need!
  • The BEST ways to create operating railroad crossing gates in HO scale! (Complete with an easy to understand detailed diagram!)
  • How to lay and fix ballast on trackwork to get that realistic look! (And the RIGHT track underlay to use to reduce noise and make it easier to profile!)

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Tough Questions Answered!

Finally, answers to those questions you’ve been struggling with…

  • What all the letter mean when referring to “Scales”…“S”…”HO”… “TT”…”N”…”Z”…”G”… all explained!
  • The smallest model railroad you can make…and a great resource for ideas!
  • The type of roadbed that is best… cement or gravel… finally garden railroad veterans tell it like it is and make it easier than ever!
  • Which should you choose… brass, nickel-silver or steel rail? The pros and cons and our recommendation.
  • Are some locomotives quieter than others? YES! We tell you which ones…
  • What radius is the curve of prototype trackage?
  • Can I keep all scale model railroads outside? (Find out the type of trains that do well and what to do to protect against weathering!)
  • Is there a difference between a No.4 turnout track switch and a No.8 turnout track switch? YES!!  Some are good for yards but not high speeds… (By the way “turnout” is a British term for “switch)
  • What makes a locomotive noisy? Find out what causes a lot of noise and how to fix it!
  • How do you run a loco on a reverse loop and a wye? Do you have to stop the train on the loop, throw the switch, and then reverse the train on the cab controller to continue the direction in which you want it to go? (It’s fully explained and answered in our step by step guide!)
  • Is a large motor better for your locomotive? Discover what makes a large motor unique and why they can save you burn outs.
  • What is a coreless motor? Is it true that model trains fitted with this type cannot be run on a DCC controlled layout in analogue mode without fitting a decoder first? What you need to know to avoid damaging and how to get the most out of a coreless motor.
  • What do the three numbers in front of the train mean…such as 2-8-4 Berkshire steam locomotive? (We make it easy to understand!)

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out inThe Complete Beginner's Guide To Model Trains”! That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!).

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3) Glossary Of Terms… cut through the jargon with our easy to understand descriptions!

4) My Weblog Address… FREE access to articles, pictures, tips and more!

Recent posts include:

“Wiring The Track Made Easy" (With pictures)

“How To Make Model People From Scratch”

“Ballast Tips: How To Lay Rock So Your Train Will Roll”

“How To Make Rock Castings”

“Basics Of Building Plastic Structures” (With step by step pictures)

“Photographing Model Railroads On A Shoestring Budget”

“How To Make Your Model Cityscape Look Big”

“Making A Simple Scratch Built Structure”

“Where To Get Customized Scenery Made Quickly At A Great Price”

“How To Model And Build Your Own Small Coal Tender” (Real life example with pictures)

“Building Roads For Your Model Train Set” (With step by step pictures)

“Building A Base Table For Your Layout” (With step by step pictures)

“Making A Track Plan And Laying Roadbed And Track”

“Creating Lakes” (With step by step pictures)

“Making Mountains” (With step by step pictures)

“Building An Authentic Train Station” (With step by step pictures)

“Basics Of Building A Train Shed For Your Passenger Terminal"

“Tips For Using LEDs (lights) With Your Model Trains”

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